Very Heavy Re-Keying Day Whew!

The day starting with removing and rekeying several panic bar rim cylinders for a popular restaurant chain.  I like using replacement ILCO rim cylinders when the locks I rekey have been done one too many times and are in need of replacements.

Several residential jobs in between, and then a Master-key involved rekeying for another restaurant 45 miles away from my shop the finish up the evening.  They also required Neuter-bow (which is a non descript “Bow” or head of the key) keys–with an embossed DO NOT DUPLICATE on the head.  For these types of keys I use BASIKS brand which are quality and of low cost.

A great day of locksmith-related work, and for a change, everything went relatively smooth.

Cheers to all–more later!

Rekeying 1967 Ford Fairlane Door Locks

I dove back into something I have not done in a very long time–rekeying some antique auto door locks for a customer doing restoration.


While I may have been a little rusty doing this sort of work, I found that I recalled a lot of the procedures quite easily even though it has been years since I have done it.

Now I have a finished product and a happy customer!

Maybe I might start selectively taking this kind of work again on a case-by-case basis!

More Later!!


HPC Electro-pick gun

This is mainly for my fellow professionals, but I just had a bank-repo building to do, and I must say that the HPC Electro-pick gun is an absolute must for getting into things fast.

It is also reasonably prices–under $200 last time I looked–and worth every penny!

Don’t leave the shop without it!